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We, at Koncentrated K pride ourselves on offering value to our customers. Our mission is to offer a product that has enough K to actually help. With Koncentrated K, we offer a large amount of different types of vitamin K, for the lowest price on the market. To help customers understand this, we have created a calculator that lets you figure this for yourselves.

Before you begin, find a competing vitamin K product to compare against Koncentrated K.

Step 1

Enter the price for a bottle of the competing product below:

Step 2

Enter the number of capsules in a bottle of the competing product below:

Step 3

For each variant of vitamin K, enter the amount provided by the competing product below. Be sure to correctly select micrograms (mcg) or milligrams (mg).

Ingredient Amount per Serving


  Koncentrated K K* Competitor Comp.*
Vitamin K1 K1    
Vitamin K2 (MK-4) MK-4    
Vitamin K2 (MK-7) MK-7    
Astaxanthin Asta.    

* All values are for an entire bottle.

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