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Vitamin K – An Introduction
Vitamin K and its "Brothers and Sisters" are one of the least recognized but most indispensable vitamins in the human body, and it appears that many people are deficient. This website intends to provide an understanding of the vital role that Vitamin K and the Vitamin K derivatives, apparently play in the wellbeing of the body. The following is a brief review of the short history of Vitamin K research, a synopsis of the emerging research to date, our personal experience and knowledge of what dosages would be apparently restorative, and an understanding of the product Koncentrated K, which contains concentrated doses of several different types of Vitamin K, along with astaxanthin. This is now available to buy online.

Vitamin K1 is typically known for its role in blood clotting, but as you will read, the research indicates it is vital to the healthy functioning of many bodily tissues.  Vitamin K2 is a subgroup of the K family, and research has identified two types of vitamin K2, Mk7 and Mk4, to be highly beneficial to different organs and systems of the body.

Koncentrated K is in the form of a capsule that is formulated with vitamin K1, Mk7, Mk4, and Astaxanthin which is considered to the be the best anti-oxidant available.  Koncentrated K includes these key vitamins at a biologically effective dosage, meaning it contains enough of the K vitamins to maintain your regular bodily requirements as well as the extra amounts your body may need to reverse the disease process that can begin as a result of a vitamin K deficiency.  Research has shown that many people do not have enough vitamin K in their bodies to maintain basic health requirements, much less to gain the health and curative benefits it offers. 
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Reversing Heart Disease with Charts with Pat Theut - Youtube
Guest of Wausau Wellness Center | June 15th, 2019

Here is a very detailed video with guest, Pat Theut during his visit to the Wausau Wellness Center in 2019.  Pat is one of the two Principles at Koncentrated K.  Pat fields questions and he makes every effort possible to present things in a very cogent and rational fashion.  The purpose of the talk is about heart disease and everything associated with the heart.  Under the Media tab you will find many videos and podcasts of Pat and his research.
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"In life, in any given situation, one can either be a winner, a loser, or a victim. If you keep your nose clean, work hard, work smart, and pay attention, you will win far more than you lose - - - but every now and then you will lose - - - no worries - - - but what is unacceptable is being a victim. I chose not be a victim.” - Pat

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